Aeria Ultimate 42cm w/73x100 Stem
Varenummer: PR-RHARA24211081
DKK 8.299,00 / None
DKK 6.639,20 ekskl. moms
This is an aerobar defined by fit.

Mere information
  • Unlike aerobars of the past that had their fit and adjustability range restricted by design and construction, the Aeria Ultimate places fit first. By defining the parameters based on the needs of athletes, fitters, aerodynamics and frame designers, we were able to focus on specific solutions: 

    • We achieved the largest range with the smallest increments for reach and width of any bar that doesn’t have sliding parts for stack and reach. 
    • Matched our industry leading stack adjustment of 5mm increments and achieved the same pad stack as bar systems that place the extensions below the basebar. 
    • All dimensional adjustments are independent – no need to calculate interdependencies or work out how to make desired changes – change just what you need to the position you need it.
    • Tilt adjustment is built into the pad/extension bracket without adding any stack height (the only bar to achieve this that we know of) or requiring bolt changes.
    • All hardware and component pieces were not only designed for performance and ease of use but also strength.
    Reach Adjustment Range (X)
    Reach steps in 7.5mm increments with a range of 92mm fore-aft.
    This range improves the distance between adjustments in half compared to our previous Aeria.
    Stack Adjustment Range (Y)
    We were able to achieve the lowest stack available in a standard aerobar system without adding extra bracket systems for a low stack option.
    Improving by 25mm from our innovative Aeria riser system there is now built in tilt adjustment.
    This feature, although not a stack dimension, has been shown in leading research to improve overall aerodynamics (aerobar + rider).
    We’re happy to say we’ve been able to do this without adding any extra or complex mechanisms.   Width Adjustment Range (Z)