Neosonic Ergo 45AR Aerobar 240mm

  • Fit Data
    With the Ergo Armrest:
    Location Bolt Size Torque
    Handlebar clamp M6x18mm 6Nm (53 inlbf)
    Extension clamp M5x14mm 5Nm (44 inlbf)
    Armrest Bolts M6x13mm CS 4.7Nm (42 inlbf)
    Weight 555g
    Armrest Offset -95mm to -42.5mm in 7.5mm steps
    Armrest Width 124mm to 290mm in 18.5mm steps
    Armrest Stack 59mm
    Extension Width 100mm
    Handlebar Clamp 31.8mm
    Extension Clamp 22.2mm