Modulator V3 Golf Oleo AF

Mere information
  • Speciel limited edition Ryder cup brille.
    B-clear linse - superlet materiale som gør at man ikke mærke man har brillen på.
    Photochromic (Modulator) - regulere hvor meget lys der skal komme igennem linse alt efter om det er overskygget eller solskin
    Anti-fog - anti-dug behandling modvirker at brillen dugger
    Hydrofobic / Oleophobic - speciel overflade som gør at brillen er vand og smuds afvisende.
    Fit: Large - Justerbar næse stykke

    B-Clear lenses offer unrivaled optical quality. Lighter than polycarbonate, these lenses allow for larger designs and fuller coverage - giving you enhanced protection from the elements without the added weight that can slow you down.

    The Modulator™ lens works on a molecular level to lighten and darken, giving you the optimal light transmission and adaptation for any environment. Our photochromic lenses have dyes embedded in mass and internally, confined close to the front surface of the lens. With this technology, the photochromic function will not wear out.

    Oleophobic treatment on the outside of the lens. Forget about dirt, grease and waterspots, this coating stops it before it sticks to your lenses and causes a distraction.