Bolt Shiny White Green Edge
Varenummer: BU-11773
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Modulator Brown Emerald oleo AF

Mere information
  • These glasses were designed for cycling and the Bolt meets every demand of this sport. With their interchangeable lenses they are suitable for every weather. They stay put with their Thermogrip temple arms and nose pads, avoiding any slide caused by sweat and changes in temperature. Ultra-light, their half-circle frames provide a broad field of vision.
    • B-THIN Active Design RX
    • B-CLEAR lenses
    • Optical precision
    • Remarkable impact resistance and protection
    • Photochromic lenses
    • Anti-fog treatment
    • Interchangeable lenses
    • Hydrophobic / Oleophobic treatment
    • Adjustable nosepiece


    Modulator Brown Emerald oleo AF
    Fit: large
    Boll lens  Modulator Brown Emerald  Cat2-3

    Modulator Brown Emerald / Cat.2-3

    Cycling/Alpine High-contrast brown photochromic lenses. The multilayer blue-green mirror reduces dazzle in high luminosity conditions.
    sunglasses Bolt Shiny White Green Edge Modulator Brown Emerald oleo AF