Anaconda Matte Black/Stripes
DKK 1.099,00 / None inkl. moms
DKK 879,20 ekskl. moms
Anaconda Matte Tortoise
DKK 479,00 / None inkl. moms
DKK 383,20 ekskl. moms
Anaconda Shiny Black
DKK 759,00 / None inkl. moms
DKK 607,20 ekskl. moms
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The Anaconda’s curved arms hug your face to keep your sunglasses right where they belong. This progressive design is perfect for those with medium to large faces looking for a wear-everywhere sunglass that’s extremely versatile and comfortable.
  • B-THIN Active Design RX
  • B-20.3 Polycarbonate lenses
  • Carbo Glas coating
  • Anti-reflective treatment
  • Polarization
  • Hydrophobic / Oleophobic treatment


Our polarized lenses align light rays from the sun, giving you a crystal clear view at all times. So whether it’s sea, trout stream or road, you’ll be able to see what’s really ahead.


Oleophobic treatment on the outside of the lens. Forget about dirt, grease and waterspots, this coating stops it before it sticks to your lenses and causes a distraction. Available on all Bollé® Polarized models and B-Clear lenses.


Glare and bright light can come at you from all directions, often bouncing back directly into your eyes. That’s why our scientifically engineered anti-reflective coating is applied to the inside of most Bollé lenses.

B-Thin Active Design RX

Software using the most advanced calculations is used to create customized lenses and the ultimate in lightweight products. An axial compensation of the prescription takes into account the size of the frame and the wearer’s facial anatomy if necessary


In addition to being lightweight and optically precise, our lenses are enhanced with an armor shell on both sides of the lens, giving you the protection you need from scratches and other damage.

B-20.3 Polycarbonate Lenses

Our polycarbonate lenses are made from premium grade resin, resulting in a lens that is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and three times lighter, with unrivaled precision and clarity. Available in polarized and non-polarized.