1/THIRTYFIVE Drop bar 44cm Black
Varenummer: PR-RH135441
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Nyeste teknologi - super innovative Profile Design har gjort det igen - DRIVe

Mere information
  • What is the DRiVe metric?
    DRiVe (Drop Reach Variant) is measured via a 73° line beginning at the bar bore. The DRiVe metric pinpoints the line’s intersection with the drop. 
    Construction:Double Butted 6061-T6 AL
    Color:Anodized Matte Black
    Clamp:31.8mmGone are the days of simply measuring a drop bar by the standard reach, drop and width. Our DRiVe metric pinpoints the precise position in the drops where riders instinctively place their hands. The metric is incorporated into a new series of progressively sized handlebars designed around a cyclist’s most powerful hand positions. 


    DRiVe:135mmWidth:42, 44, 46cm (center to center)Reach:80mmDrop:148mmWeight:285g

    The DRiVe Metric

    The DRiVe (Drop Reach Variant) position – is measured via a 73° line beginning at the bar bore. The DRiVe metric pinpoints the line’s intersection with the drop.

    DRiVe Reclaims Comfort, Power & Control

    Modern drop bar designs are deeply tied to tradition. They are designed based on outdated road bike sizing – rendering many of cycling’s intended hand positions unattainable when riding modern frame geometry. The ride positions that are the most powerful and allow for the most control have now shifted into virtually unattainable positions. DRiVe reclaims many of the ideal positions most critical to comfort, power and control.

    Fit Made Simple

    To predict the DRiVe position of any given rider, we looked at an anthropological study focusing on the correlation among hand breadth, shoulder width and height. By measuring your handbreadth we can easily identify a DRiVe that will be compatible with your body type.

    Progressive Ergonomics

    The tops and hoods complement the powerhouse DRiVe position and the Reach and DRiVe are progressively sized as the bar increases in width. This progressive sizing ensures the most powerful positions remain right where they are needed.

    Transition to Hoods

    The long radius of the upper curve provides both smooth distribution of pressure on the hand and clearance for the wrist/forearm when sprinting in the drops.

    Hoods and Reach

    The hood slope is a shallow 7°, eliminating the main reason why we so often see riders make detrimental bar rotation adjustments in a desperate effort to flatten out the hood slope. The DRiVe Series handlebars deliver a seamless transition from bar to shifter hood without affecting how the drops were designed to fit. The shorter reaches of the DRiVe Series better match current shifter hood geometry and create comfortable hand positions.  


    The canted 4° design grant