Reynolds Brake Pads- CRYO POWER (4 stk.)
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  • CTg Brake Track

    Unlike other brands that order off-the-shelf, Reynolds formulates its own proprietary carbon fiber laminates and specifies only the highest grades of resin systems for its rims. With this arsenal of differing carbon fiber lay-ups and high-performance resins, Reynolds engineers arrange laminates in optimized layers to create the CTg brake track. These layers extend into the rim, effectively creating a heat sink. Heat dissipates away from the surface, to be cooled by the passing air.

    Cryo-Blue Pads

    To Reynolds engineers, it was logical to develop brake pads in conjunction with their rims due to the critical role that both play in braking performance. Made of proprietary polymer compounds, Reynolds’ Cryo-Blue pads are designed to work specifically with the CTg brake track. Together, the combination of brake track and pads reduces rim temperatures by up to 220° F versus other manufacturers’ carbon-specific pads.*

    New for 2014: Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads

    Reynolds proudly introduces the new Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads. Co-engineered with industry braking leader, Brakco, these pads were designed to give you increased stopping power. The sleek, aerodynamic tapered design offers a 44% larger braking surface than Reynolds’ standard Cryo-Blue brake pad. There are six angled slots that serve two purposes: first, air moves through the slots to add additional cooling and second, they act as water channels dispersing water away from the brake track providing superior braking in wet conditions.While the current Cryo-Blue pads still exceed Reynolds’ high expectations, the new Cryo-Blue Power Pads set the bar even higher. They are included with all 2014 product and also available for aftermarket purchase.
    NOTE: Reynolds Carbon wheels with the CTg braking system are equipped with Reynolds Cryo-Blue brake pads which are an integral part of the CTg braking system. We only recommend the use of these brake pads. Use of any other brake pads will immediately void your warranty and/or Reynolds Assurance claim. (Alloy, Disc Brake and MTN Carbon wheels do not apply.)


    Paul Lew, Director of the Reynolds Composite Studio, invented the first commercially available carbon clincher wheel. In the 10 years since, Reynolds has accumulated more test data and has developed more applied technology than any other bicycle wheel manufacturer. The CTg system was developed by Reynolds to harness the very best new materials and improve product performance.The engineers of the Reynolds Composite Studio, including Lew, are cyclists themselves. They take carbon clincher reliability and safety personally – especially in the important area of braking-induced heat build-up.The Reynolds Composite Studio features a modern product-testing lab with the latest fixtures and instruments that measure aerodynamics, fatigue, temperature, and heat dissipation. Reynolds Cycling has built up industry-leading safety standards with its testing protocols.
    In this test, conducted on August 15, 2012 at the Reynolds Composite Studio in Sandy, Utah with a Fluke Ti32 Thermal Imager, thermal imaging clearly demonstrates that CTg Brake Tracks and Cryo-Blue Pads work effectively together to produce dramatically cooler braking temperatures.Reynolds Cycling constantly strives to innovate and improve, and CTg braking performance is one example of its success.