LAKE MX238 GRAVEL Black-Suede Gold
Varenummer: MX238-BSU
DKK 2.449,00
DKK 1.959,20 ekskl. moms
The Lake MX238 Gravel Shoe offers gravel and mixed-terrain riders the comfort and performance of a road shoe with the walkability of a mountain bike shoe without the addition of excessive weight or bulk.

Mere information
  • MX Competition Last – Featuring a larger toe box & tighter heel than the Comfort last and with slightly more overall volume than the Sport last. Exceptionally secure for hard riding/racing with enough room in the toe box to prevent binding when running up inclines or negotiating a hike-a-bike section.  Designed for performance riding & racing.

    Sole: Lake Competition 100% Carbon Fiber Sole with Mountain Race X real rubber sole.

    Upper:  Fullgrain Suede Leather (Black/Gold), Mesh and Helcor abrasion and water resistant leather panels with a hook lycra heel lining.