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Toppen af poppen - det bedste allround hjulsæt til både TRI og RACE

Mere information
  • Weight:  Clincher Set: 1580g   Tubular Set: 1340g
    Width:    External: 26.2 mm , Internal: 16 mm
    Rim        Depth:58 mm
    Braking:CTg      Design:Computational
    Fluid Dynamics: A2 Wind Tunnel Verified
    Spokes:16 front / 20 rear      Spoke Pattern: Front: Radial Rear Non Drive: 2X Nipples:Internal 5mm Hex x 2.0
    Hub:Reynolds Racing Design Straight-pull with DT Swiss 240 Internals
    Compability:Shimano / SRAM / Campagnolo
    Carbon Technology Reynolds
    Cycling has been at the forefront of carbon wheel technology, innovation, and product leadership since the inception of carbon wheels.
    Materials w e source only the highest quality aerospace-grade carbon fiber from Mitsubishi in Japan. Each batch is certified according to our strict specifications, and we dictate numerous combinations of fiber, epoxy, and resin, each destined for use in a different region of the rim. Our carbon fiber is prepregnated with epoxy in the U.S. and frozen during transit overseas to our company-owned facility in China, where storage is temperature and date controlled to ensure the integrity of the materials. Each batch is inspected and certified according to our high standards. Methodology We are scientific and uncompromising in building our wheels. Two principles guide us: Hybrid Modulus Laminate (HML) and Variable Resin Chemistry (VRC). We examine the unique, complex, and dynamic forces acting on every part of the wheel and rim, and precisely assign different carbon fiber lay-ups and resins to the separate regions. There is no such thing as “one composite fits all”. Our exclusive molding process is called Inert Gas Compaction (IGC). We use an inert gas compound under very high pressure to aid the chemical synthesis of our resin system. Unlike other molding methods, IGC ensures that we create an optimally durable rim that will not soften or lose structure as it ages.

    CR6: Carbon Rim 6 Technology R6 stands for Carbon Rim 6. It is a proprietary engineering solution for durability, strength and stiffness. CR6 is based on unique lay-ups of carbon fiber for each of 6 critical areas of the rim: the side wall, spoke face, nipple bed, tire channel, rim hook bead, and brake track CR6 is a proprietary hybrid carbon layup (HML) combined with variable resin chemistry (VRC) and inert gas compaction (IGC).  

    58 AERO

    A New Way of Thinking

    The 58 AERO offers a mid-deep rim profile that promises best in class stiffness, speed and stability. Quick to accelerate, the wheels maintain their momentum almost effortlessly as Reynolds’ DET™ design reduces drag to a minimum, also making them incredibly stable and predictable to ride, even in strong gusty crosswinds.