BTA Mount w/side Axis Kage
Varenummer: PR-ACBTABM1
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Super fleksibel flaske holder fra innovative Profile Design

Mere information
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    Low Profile Horizontal Mount

    Low profile machined aluminum design can run standard bottles or the Aero HC. The included Side Axis Kage is ideal for BTA mounts where the natural movement is to pull the bottle sideways. The cage body can be flipped for either right side or left side removal. 

    Vertical Setup

    The B-TAB can be rotated to conveniently mount an extra water bottle vertically on your handlebar
    The B-Tab is a low profile horizontally mounted BTA (between the arms) system. It features the versatile Side Axis Kage which allows riders to choose either a left or right side bottle release. The system can support both standard water bottles and the Aero HC. Alternatively, the system can be rotated to mount a standard bottle vertically. A hinged bracket design allows for quick and easy install and removal.
    Construction:Forged Aluminum
    Weight: 50g
    Mount Requirements: Bracket is 10mm in width