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Lake CX332-SuperC. Chameleon Blue
DKK 2.799,00 / None inkl. moms
DKK 2.239,20 ekskl. moms
Lake MX238-Black supercross Standard 440
DKK 2.199,00 / None inkl. moms
DKK 1.759,20 ekskl. moms
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Brett Lindstrom from Lake Cycling talks about the company’s lastest endeavors. ©? Cyclocross MagazineIf by chance you’re not familiar with Lake, they have rich company history. Lake was born in Evanston, Illinois, just outside of Chicago in 1982 at Turin Bicycles. In 1982 Turin was the largest North American Sidi account. Sidi’s were then sold with the then standard wood lasting board and without insoles. Turin’s owner asked Sidi to start delivering shoes with insoles and when Sidi said they could not, Turin’s owner sourced insoles from China and in the process discovered that cycling shoes could be made at a lower cost and delivered with insoles, and Lake was born.Turin Bicycles and thus Lake were the first to bring a mountain bike shoe to market, made the first heat moldable shoe as well as winter shoe, were first to bring the BOA dial to cycling, and close to our hearts, offered the first cyclocross-specific shoe, the MX331 Cross. (Lake’s MX331, MX237 Super Cross and MX 332 Super Cross, remain the only cyclocross-oriented shoes we’re aware of.)Lake’s shoes utilize BOA closures, proprietary Custom Fit Carbon (CFC) heat moldable carbon soles, Outlast, a temperature regulating smart fabric used on the MX 331, and the Lake Skins Helcor Leather also seen on the company’s ‘cross and MTB shoes.