XCX 700x33c
Varenummer: VEE-B32321
DKK 269,00 / None
DKK 215,20 ekskl. moms
Bestsellers in CROSS / GRAVEL
  • This tire is ideal for a mixture of conditions but excels in soft to medium dirt, as well as gravel. The XCX uses an open tread pattern that promotes self-cleaning, keeping weight low and traction as high as possible. Thanks to the slanted parallelogram shaped center tread, these allow fast running but maximum grip. Intermediate knobs are ramped to ensure a predictable feel and consistent cornering control. The XCX utilizes our 120 TPI Dual Compound construction offering enhanced grip and exceptional durability in the same carcass. The lightweight aramid folding bead ensures overall tire weight is as low as possible. So whether you’re exploring the gravel tracks and paths away from the road, or chasing down the competition, the XCX guarantees a thrilling ride.