58/78 Twenty Four Carbon Clincher WHITE
Varenummer: PR-W587824FCCS1
DKK 15.799,00 / None
DKK 12.639,20 ekskl. moms

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  • "..the braking performance was virtually unchanged in transitions from dry to wet to monsoon left us all but astounded that these could be carbon brake track wheels, and yet they were. In this case, “impressed” is too light a word—we were floored." - AeroGeeks.com 'First Ride' "Either Profile Design equipped these wheels with tiny motors or they’re naturally disconcertingly quick...We aren’t sure what mojo Profile Design has worked on the braking surface of the 24 Series, but we are reasonably certain that it involves black magic." - AeroGeeks.com 'Final Thoughts' "Most brands offering aero wheels at this price range all cheapen wheel construction to drop the price tag; Profile Design builds its relatively affordable aero wheel with the same all-carbon construction of the most expensive options." -2014 Triathlete Buyer's Guide 220Triathlon names TwentyFour Series wheels the BEST BUY of 2014 2014 LAVA Magazine Gear of the Year nominee "These wheels have one speed. FAST." - SpeedTheory's Environmental Testing Project pit our TwentyFour Series wheelsets against some of the most popular wheels on the market on some of the most popular race courses in the world. Conclusion? The TwentyFour Series will get you to the finish first. "Stopping power is fantastic with a strong initial bite and minimal fading. For [the great price], you’d be hard pressed to find a better set of race day wheels." - Triathlete.com