Når hurtigt ikke er hurtigt nok - 1459 gram - ultimative komkurrence hjulsæt

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  • DISCIPLINE MTB Cross Country
  • RIMS Race Tubeless Aluminum Disc Rims 29" 360gr
  • SPOKES AC Race Round 14 /16 gauge Spokes Black | AC Aluminum Nipples Silver | 32h 3-Cross Front and Rear  
  • WEIGHT 29 : FRONT 670gr | REAR 789gr | PAIR 1459gr     
  • HUBS/SPACING FRONT Disc 130 100 mm | 15 mm Thru Axle Disc 100 mm | 9 mm Thru Axle Disc 100 mm | REAR Disc 225 135 mm | 10 mm x 135 mm Thru Axle Disc | 142 mm Thru Axle Disc / Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11 or SRAM XX1
  • INCLUDED AC Tubeless MTB Tape Installed | AC Tubeless Valves
  • QUICK RELEASE Cromoly QR’s
  • UPGRADES Ceramic Bearings | Titanium QR's | Wheel Bag | Thru Axle QR's
    Can be ridden with regular tire and tube. UST Tires are not recommended
  • BRAKE INTERFACE 6 Bolt International Standard
Thirty years of commitment to research and innovation yielded the world’s fastest, most advanced cross country race wheels in 26, 29 and new 650B sizes.
Bill Shook designed this unique tubeless race wheel system emphasizing strength, durability and stiffness in a concept Bill calls, “multiplying lightness.”
These rims are a whopping 28mm wide x 22mm deep. Ride a smaller, lighter tire because it spreads out across the rim without sacrificing traction and handling. Our wide Race rims offer improved ground control because the tire is not floating around.
Bead barb technology hooks on the tire bead to secure the tires in place without burping. Lighter 14/16 AC Race Round spokes were specially designed for this hand built wheel system. Dominating at the races this season, our racers prized their speed, quick accelerations, decisive cornering, nimble climbing, speedy descents, and low maintenance.
A solid choice for pure speed at full throttle power. When seconds count in the relentless pursuit to win, our MTB Race Tubeless wheels deliver the ultimate technological advantage.
Everybody is talking about wider rims for both road and mountain bike. What does it really mean for you, the rider? There are a few wide rim profiles on the market but they are either heavy, or too light and flexy. Bill Shook used his mathematical abilities to design our revolutionary wide rims, attaining the goal of being light, stiff, strong, aerodynamic and wide, all in one rim. To start, wide rims mean riding lighter, smaller performance tires with cushiony, high air volume and firm surface grip. Larger width tires offer more air volume but they are heavy with a sluggish ride quality. The desired combined wheel and tire qualities are achieved by stretching out the smaller tire casing on a wide rim and effectively making the tire bigger. Also, smaller tires on wide rims reduce tire roll on the rims. With a narrow rim and a wide tire, the rim floats from side to side on the tire. Using a wider rim with a smaller tire minimizes float for improved handling, confidence and control. The rim is lower weight at the extreme outer edge of the wheel decreasing rolling resistance and boosting speed.  Our wider, lighter rims translate into crisp accelerations, firm ground control, faster rolling on the flats and decisive handling for the extra edge needed by competitive athletes.