Whether you call it 650B or 27.5, this mountain bike standard is here to stay

Har vi ikke netop dit hjulsæt på lager i den "rigtige" aksel størrelse, kan du altid bestille et ekstra sæt aksler under reservedele/tilbehør: http://www.jtimport.dk/da/products/axel-conv-kit
American classic MTB hjulsæt har fremragende gode køreegenskaber, det skyldes bla. den stærke brede fælg, der sikre at dækket ikke ruller over fælgen, som man kender det fra smallere fælge, det giver god kontrol over cyklen. Det er også muligt at køre med smallere dæk end normalt, da luftkammeret bliver støre når dækket monteres på en bred fælg. Brugen af et smallere dæk giver en lavere roterende totalvægt, som er altafgørende når det kommer til acceleration og beholde en høj fart.
The 650B Advantage
Whether you call it 650B or 27.5, this mountain bike standard is here to stay. American Classic was a believer from the beginning, now introducing our second generation of 650B wheels and rims. Blending the best features of 26” and 29” mountain bikes, the advantages of 650B are legion. 650B riders tout the 29er big wheel advantages of lower rolling resistance and high speed, better traction, improved roll over characteristics and larger contact patch. Smaller like 26”, our 650B system is light weight offering quick maneuverability and acceleration, a lower center of gravity and reduced suspension travel limitations. AC new 650B line up is mid-sized excellence achieved.More and more mountain bike riders were calling for all the excellent AC technology at a mid-range price point. Proven in 26 and 29 size, new to the line up is the Terrain 650B tubeless. enthusiasts are impressed with the Terrain’s increased accelerations on climbs, speedy descents, decisive handling and faster rolling on the flats. Bill Shook’s rim design is fine-tuned at 26mm wide to stiffen the wheel enhancing strength. A top choice for larger athletes without compromising performance. economical Terrain is designed to be tubeless for racing and training, and includes our proven pre-installed AC tubeless tape and AC valves. Add your favorite tubeless tires, pump in sealant and you are ready to go. Bead barb technology hooks on the tire bead to secure the tires in place without burping. newly improved larger hub bearings for increased durability. A top choice for larger athletes without compromising performance, speed, fast spin up and nimble handling. Terrains are built with our finest AC 14/15 gauge spokes and hand finished to perfection. Terrain is a classic all-around performer to carry you to the win.